LA QB Club Vice President Josh Scott Discusses Fundraising As Well As Their Purpose For The Program

Every school has boosters, a QB club, a parent and friends of the program sort of group that aids in the success of their schools football program.

However, not many seem to be as involved and as broadly effecting their schools sport programs across the board as well as aiding the school itself in certain spaces with more than sports.

Certainly not many, if any, start fundraising in March.

LA does though.

Vice President Josh Scott and the LA QB Club can be found working on the football field surface, running concessions at basketball, running around town ingraining themselves in the Overton County community and seeking partnerships and sponsorship to make the first full color program in the programs history.

Scott and the QB Club are not just looking to raise a little money for the program, or field maintenance however. He was adamant that they seek to be in a position where if Coach Houser or anyone else needed something for their program, the club could step in and step up to aid in that programs success.

Here is our full conversation with Scott last week as they begin their fundraising campaign.

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