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Clay County Makes Big Leap In Stone Steel Cup Standings, Cookeville Maintains Lead

Photo by Kailee Means / UC Sports Nation

In our second Stone Steel Cup update, the Cavaliers of Cookeville have maintained their lead at the top of the standings with 150 total points, though multiple teams have made big leaps in the standings.

Most notably, the Clay County Bulldogs made the biggest jump of all in going from seventh place to second overall. This is due in large part to both of their basketball teams making it to the State Tournament, where the boys team ended the year as the kings of the hill in Class A as state champions. When all calculation was said and done, they were awarded 105 points for their winter sports season, giving them 134 points in total up to this point.

Joining them in the top five are Upperman (129 points), Livingston Academy (113 points) and Warren County (80 points). The Bees earned the second-most points for the winter seasons, as they were awarded 82 points.

Clarkrange was another big leaper, as they went from 11th to seventh overall, thanks to 52 points earned by the Lady Buffaloes alone. This allowed them to jump past Monterey, Stone Memorial, DeKalb County and White County in the process. As a whole, Clarkrange was awarded 57 points for all winter sports, giving them a grand total of 71 points.

Staying in Fentress County, the Dragons of York saw a significant jump in the standings as well. In our first update, they clocked in at 14th overall. After winter sports, they now find themselves one spot behind Clarkrange with 66 total points, earned pretty evenly between the Dragons and Dragonettes.

The full standings can be found here, and this is our second-to-last update. Next time, we will be announcing the winners of the 2020-21 Stone Steel Cup.

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