TSSAA To Limit Attendance At State Tournament Due To Coronavirus

The TSSAA announced on Thursday that they will begin limiting attendance at both the girls and boys basketball Blue Cross Championships, beginning on Mar. 13.

It will be limited to a team party, with a maximum of 13 people, along with immediate family and school administrators of the qualifying school.

The TSSAA defines immediate family as parents, stepparents, guardians, siblings, anyone living in the athlete’s household and grandparents. The school administrators are to keep a list of people for their respective parties that will be in attendance, and they will check each person at the entrance into the Murphy Center. Anyone entering the venue must obtain a new ticket, per the TSSAA.

It also states that anyone not on the approved list will be denied entry, despite any previous ticket or pass purchase. In addition, all non-c0aching attendees will only be allowed to observe games for the class their school is participating in.

The TSSAA are also encouraging any attendees to not gather in crowds and take advantage of the newly available seating.

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