Summer Rewind: The Underclassmen: Clarkrange Buffaloes Basketball

As the summer rolls on, UCSN takes a back at the 2021-22 school year and sport seasons. In this series, we find our most viewed video from each school this year, and reflect on the time of the school sports calendar from when the video was first posted.

Today, we rewind on the Clarkrange High School Buffaloes boys’ basketball team – specifically, the underclassmen.

When this video was posted, the Clarkrange Buffaloes were one week away from the District 7A Tournament. While preparing for playoff basketball, the underclassmen of the Buffaloes basketball team discussed their experience in high school sports, and how it shapes their goals for their senior year.

FROM FEBRUARY 7th, 2022:

In The Underclassmen, UCSN sits down with non-senior players to learn about how they contribute to their teams, what they learn from current & past seniors, and how they hope to lead when they reach 12th grade.

This edition of The Underclassmen features the Clarkrange Buffaloes basketball team. Hear from junior Case Cordell, sophomore Kris Beaty, and freshman Logan Pannell about the lessons they have learned from seniors, how they hope to lead when it’s their year, and more.


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