Sells Discovers Passion In Restoring Corvettes

Story by Kailee Means

For most high school kids outside of sports, hobbies are something that they get to do in their free time, and can consist of many different interests.

For Clarkrange’s Kacey Sells, she enjoys working on and restoring older cars.

“My dad has always been in the car business, so I have been around it my whole entire life,” Sells said. “(I was) always at dealerships and Rod Run. Something about it just seems fun.”

This has been a bonding experience for Sells and her dad, something that they could spend time together doing.

“It’s brought us much closer,” Sells said. “Going to Rod Run and looking at older cars every year, it brings us really close together.”

Sells says she often surprises people with her knowledge, and while some may try to fool her, it hasn’t happened yet.

“They really don’t know that I know some stuff, they’re kind of like ‘wow,'” Sells said. “They think that they are going to stump me on something, but they don’t.”

Her favorite older cars to work on and restore are older corvettes, as she is currently helping out on her second one, a late 1970s model.

“I like getting all the scratches out of the paint and buffing everything out,” Sells said. “We’re getting the carburetor and everything (replaced), it’s a a four-speed, so we’re trying to figure out how to get it to run.”

The Lady Buffaloes take up most of Sells’ free time now, but she still makes an effort to work on her passion when she gets the opportunities.

“I’d help my dad bring cars back from auctions, but now it seems like I don’t have any time,” Sells said. “I’ve always been into trucks and old cars, like I drive a truck…just being around it my whole life is where that (love ) comes from.”

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