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Quarantine And Answer: Warrior Baseball’s Shaun Floyd

Social Distancing is a phrase that will forever be a part of our vocabulary as we move forward. We are going to do a series of questions and answers with coaches across UC Sports Nation and how they cope with this unique time, not only in America but in the World.

Our next coach in the series is Shaun Floyd, the head baseball coach at White County High School.

Question: What does a typical day in quarantine look like for you?

Answer: The first part of any day is cleaning and all of the household chores I haven’t gotten around to since I’ve been on the baseball field.

Question: Have you done anything fun with your family?

Answer: I’ve enjoyed spending time with the family. It’s something that, during baseball season, we don’t always get to do. Since being quarantined and all, I’ve been able to spend time with my son and my wife. We’ve had a couple campfires and bonfires, and we’ve also gone fishing.

Question: Have you watched any good movies with your family?

Answer: Every night, we’ll have family movie night. We’ll end up taking a few minutes and watching some movies. I couldn’t tell you any of the names of the movies, but they’re just good family movies.

Question: Are there any good television shows or documentaries that you’ve watched?

Answer: Honestly, I haven’t watched hardly any TV in a while. I’ve got a six-year-old so he typically he controls what we watch at night. We try to make sure its something he’s going to watch. I haven’t spent a lot of time watching TV.

Question: Have you started/ramped up your workout routine?

Answer: I haven’t really ramped it up, but I have been more actively pursuing it, which we don’t get to do during baseball season. As a matter of fact, we bought a weight bench back in the Fall, and I spent last Wednesday putting it all together. My wife is big on doing CrossFit, so we’ve been doing some modified stuff that we are able to do at the house.

Question: Have you practiced your cooking or perfected any recipes?

Answer: I’m actually really blessed because I have a wife who is an amazing cook. Being quarantined has given her an opportunity to cook more, since we’ve had to slow things down. As far as my cooking skills, I still haven’t done anything to perfect them, but my wife has kept me well-fed.

Question: Have you been dressing professionally still or have you been more relaxed as of late?

Answer: We’ve got a farm, so I’ve put on my work clothes every day. I don’t think I have spent an entire day in my PJs yet, but I have spent several days in just shorts and a T-shirt. Most of it, I’ve been working outside when I can.

Question: What kind of music are you listening to?

Answer: I’ve got 106.9 on, so some country music.

Question: Have you read any good books lately?

Answer: I just finished one right before we went on quarantine and it was more of a leadership book. I’ve actually just started James Patterson and Bill Clinton’s “The President’s Missing,” and it’s a really good book.

Question: What’s the first thing you want to do or first place you want to go when this quarantine is over?

Answer: I think just about anywhere, anywhere out in public would be nice. We usually take a vacation at the beginning of the summer, so hopefully this will be over some time soon and we can head t0 the beach.

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