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Quarantine And Answer: Tigerette Softball’s Danny Fish

Social Distancing is a phrase that will forever be apart of our vocabulary as we move forward. We are going to do a series of questions and answers with coaches across UC Sports Nation and how they cope with this unique time, not only in America but in the World.

Our next coach in the series is DeKalb County Softball and Girls Basketball Coach Danny Fish.

Question: What does a typical day in quarantine look like for you?

Answer: I wake up at about 6 A.M., and have a couple cups of coffee. The kids get up, and I make them breakfast. It’s been pretty the past couple of days so we’ve been outside, but before that, we’ve been inside eating, watching tv, doing laundry, stuff like that.

Question: What’s a good movie or show you’ve watched lately with your family?

Answer: We rented Onward the other day and it was pretty good. I’m pretty excited the new Ozarks comes out on Netflix (soon.) The Tiger King on Netflix was pretty entertaining.

Question: What are some fun things you’ve done with your family over this down time?

Answer: Just bike rides and walks. Coaching two sports, the thing I miss out on is quality family time. My son is an athlete too, so we’re either at a field or gym four or five days out of the week. It’s just been good to jump on a trampoline, go for a walk, play with the animals, just do some stuff like that with the kids and wife.

Question: Have you started working out/ramped up any current workouts?

Answer: I’m too busy trying to keep up with a five-year-old and an 11-year-old, so that’s my workout. I get up and do my walk in the morning and do my walk in the afternoon, so that’s how I’ve ramped up my workouts. We’ve really just tried to chill and relax. I have done some yard labor at the house so I’ve got a pretty nice yard.

Question: Have you started or practiced any cooking?

Answer: Oh yeah, I’m a chef. I like to cook. When I do cook, it’s normally pretty good. Nobody complains and there’s never any leftovers. I’m a griller, which is good because the weather has been better and we’re able to get some stuff out on the grill and cook on the grill. That’s how I cook my stuff when I can.

Question: What’re you wearing on a normal day? Are you staying in your pajamas all day or are you dressing professionally still?

Answer: I can’t say that I haven’t been in pajamas a day or two if it’s raining, but it’s usually the same attire I have about everyday. I’ve got some DeKalb County shorts on and a Tennessee Tech shirt on, but it depends if my daughter wants to be lazy. If she gets dressed, I’ll get dressed. If she stays in her PJs, I’ll  stay in my PJs as long as I can.

Question: What kind of music are you listening to right now?

Answer: We were driving around with the windows down, so Khalid was coming out of my radio. I listen to many different genres of music. That’s the one thing that being around a bunch of high school kids and having two kids of you’re own does, you’ll get a feel of their music and they definitely get a feel for my music. We’ll listen to anything from country to pop to hip hop to contemporary Christian.

Question: Have you read any good books lately?

Answer: I haven’t had a chance to read any books, but I’ve been reading the Bible a lot. A lot of scripture time in the morning, a little bit of patience and prayer. In times like these, we lean on prayer a little bit more than we do in our daily lives. We try to have that Bible study time every day, for even just 5-10 minutes.

Question: When all of this is over, what is the first place you want to go or first thing you want to do?

Answer: I want to practice. I want to get back in the gym and on the field, I’m sure the kids are the same way. I’ve had communications with my team and my players, and I want to get back in the gym. I think the biggest thing people need to learn is to not take time for granted and not take abilities for granted. We’re coaching a bunch of high school kids, and sometimes they’re just trying to get out of high school and get on to college and live their lives. Slow down and have fun in the moment, be grateful for that moment and don’t take it for granted even if it’s just a tough practice or a tough game. It’s better than not being able to go through it, or right now, not even being able to leave the house. I hope that is the biggest thing people take away from this.

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