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PCSS Updates Coaching Supplement Package

Putnam County School System is updating its supplement plan for coaching staff pay.

Director of Schools Corby King said the system wants to better compensate all of its employees, not just educators.

The last time the school board reviewed and made changes to supplement packages was around seven or eight years ago. They wanted to put a structure in place so that does not happen again. King also wanted to have a system that includes the cost of living and similar increases to pay same as non-coach teachers and employees.

Speaking in an interview with Betsy Scarisbrick, King explained it like this.

“If a teacher raise is two percent then we would raise the supplement package by two percent. If it’s a flat rate we would find the percentage and add that into our coaching supplement package. So our coaches are being recognized not only for the time that they’re spending with the students and longevity but also trying to keep pace with cost of living adjustments.”

The full statement can be heard below.

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