Monterey High School Golf Head Coach Looking To Hunter Grubbs As Team Role Model

Mention the name Hunter Grubbs to someone in Monterey, Tennessee, and chances are they’ll be able to tell you quite a bit. They might tell you she’s a great student and with a 4.4 Grade Point Average, they aren’t wrong.

What they should tell you about, however, is her talent and love for the game of golf. That shows in her three years, and counting, of playing at Monterey High School.

In three years, she’s qualified for state three times and nearly finished in the top 10 in 2018 before a bogey on the last hole dropped her down to 11th. Even with that, it wasn’t a performance that surprised anyone who’s been around her, including her head coach who knows all about how much time she spends practicing.

“She works at it every day,” said Head Coach Charles ‘Pokey’ Looper. “Whether it’s cold or rainy or whatever, she is working on her golf and it’s paid off.”

An athlete with Grubbs’ level of talent always aspires to play at the next level, and with a work ethic like hers, there’s no reason she couldn’t find herself playing the game she loves at the collegiate level.

“If you’re planning to play college golf, you’ve got to work on it every day,” Looper said. “She’s worked on her weaknesses and improved on them, so we’re looking forward to this year.”

For Looper, Grubbs was a bright spot in an otherwise ‘okay’ year, as Looper described it. His boys team didn’t qualify for state and this year’s team is faced with the tough task of replacing three seniors. This makes Grubbs’ leadership that much more important for the team’s overall success.

“(Her leadership) is really important since I don’t have any seniors and I only have one junior,” Looper said. “She’s vocal and she can handle it. She will work with the freshman to get them going. She’s going to be a good leader.”


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