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Local High Schools Look To Beat The Heat Into October

Several local high school have adjusted their practice and competition schedules from August through October to combat the high heat index numbers.

According to weather.gov the heat index, also known as the apparent temperature, is what the temperature feels like to the human body when relative humidity is combined with the air temperature.

“We have a hand held monitor that gives you the heat index,” Head Athletic Trainer at Monterey High School Candy Mickey said. “We go off the heat index  number sometimes to determine if we are going to be in full pads, shells, or shorts and helmets.”

In the state of Tennessee, per the Tennessee Secondary Schools Athletic Association, if the heat index is above 104, practice and play must be shutdown until the heat index drops back into a safe temperature.

“Every 30 minutes of activity you have to have a 10 minute long water break to get hydrated and to get into the shade to cool off,” Mickey said. “We have ice towels to get the guys cooled down if they over heat.”

Per Mary Mays of WKRN, the month of September has seen 23 days at 90 or above, breaking the record of 19 set in 1998 and 1931.

“A cold front from the Texas pan handle to Michigan will push down south and weaken the temperatures for Friday,” UC Sports Nations Chief Meteorologist Rob Carolan said. “The temperatures will begin to rise for Saturday and Sunday with possible rain in the forecast early next week.”



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