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Livingston Academy Wildcats Looking Forward To First Game Of the Season

The Livingston Academy Wildcats return to their field on Friday for the long-awaiting start to the 2019 football season.

Led by Head Coach Bruce Lamb, the Wildcats return 13 seniors who are ready to tee off on their first opponent. While the team has had scrimmages and have had chances to tackle other people, Friday represents the first game that counts toward their record and the team is hungry to hit someone other than their teammates, Lamb says.

“We’re tired of hitting each other,” Lamb said. “We’re ready to move on with the season. We’ve had a good preseason, it’s just one of those times where you get tired of seeing the same guy line up in front of you.”

Senior Quarterback Will McDonald and Senior Lineman Cole Spears lead the team in the locker room. According to Lamb, it’s a mix of their contributions to the team and experience that gives them that voice amongst their teammates.

“Those two guys have been huge in the locker room,” Lamb said. “It’s one of those things where if they say something, everyone else follows … they’ve both started since day one. They’ve got a lot of experience and understand the game.”

The Wildcats will host Westmoreland High School on Friday, though Lamb has focused more on what his team needs to improve more so than what Westmoreland needs to do.

“We always just try to better ourselves,” Lamb said. “ If we can concentrate on ourselves and doing the right thing on the field, that always helps out toward a win. That’s what you’re always lining up to do: win a ballgame.”


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