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Football: Warriors Griggs Enjoys Successful Senior Campaign

The White County senior football players have won more football games this year than in their previous three years combined. Senior running back Will Griggs leads the team in rushing with 477 yards and six touchdowns this season.

“The team is more of one team, instead of 40 or 50 individuals.,” Griggs said. ” (My teammates) used to be a bunch of guys I played football with. Now they are all my buddies and guys I talk to on a daily basis. This coaching staff brought us together as a team a whole lot more.”

Former White County football player and first year head coach Mark Frasier brought in a culture change when he took over after last season. The offensive line is a unit that Frasier and Griggs have seen consistent improvement from last season and week to week this year.

“It’s all the offensive line,” Griggs said. “I don’t think Jayden (Richmond) or Sydrk (Leftwich) or I could run the ball without our offensive line. I think really if I had a big night running the ball, it means our offensive line had a big night blocking… I would pick anyone of our offensive lineman to run behind. They all do a good job. But if you’re making me pick one person it would be Dustin Guy. He’s not the biggest or the strongest but he is the meanest and he’s going to go hit somebody. It might not be his guy but he is going to go hit somebody.”

Frasier expressed throughout the season that the increase in community support has been great for his players and his program. That support has not gone unnoticed throughout the White County locker room.

“It makes it more exciting,” Griggs said. “Obviously with  the way the past few season have gone we haven’t had a great crowd. To come out and see that it definitely motivates you to play and it makes it more exciting.”





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