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Ferrell Opens Up About Barrel Racing Interest, Horseback-Riding Background

Story by Kailee Means

DeKalb County Junior Kadee Ferrell is phenomenal on the court, but just like everyday people, she has hobbies and interests outside of the game of basketball.

When she’s not finishing a layup at the rim or blocking shots, Ferrell enjoys horseback riding and barrel racing, and it’s been like that as long as she can remember.

“I started riding horses when I was a baby,” Ferrell said. “And then, I started barrel racing when I was three.”

Her family has a rich background with barrel racing, and a lot of people in her life have influenced her to take part in the family tradition.

“My mom and dad were both raised around horses, and my brother who is older than me (was as well),” Ferrell said. “When he was born, they started barrel racing, and my cousin barrel races. So when I was born, I started doing it as well.”

For a small-town girl, she has also done a lot of traveling for barrel racing competitions.

“I’ve been to Kentucky, Mississippi, and pretty much everywhere,” Ferrell said.

Something interesting that Ferrell says about the sport is the amount of diversity she’s seen in competitions, and that the type of competitor she often sees is not what the everyday observer might believe.

“It is harder than it looks,” Ferrell said. “Everybody also thinks that it is a girls sport but it’s really not, a bunch of guys do it too.”

Basketball takes up almost all of her time during the season, though Ferrell says she still finds a way to ride when she finds the time.

“Right now, I don’t get to do it too much because of basketball,” Ferrell said. “But when I’m not playing basketball, I’m usually on horses on the weekend and competing.”

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