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Cavs Looking For Improvement In Special Teams

The least talked-about phase of football in most instances tends to be special teams, and truth be told, teams can lose games quicker in this  aspect of football. 

Such happened to Cookeville High School on Saturday when they were halted at the goal-line after a missed field goal the play before. Cookeville head coach Jimmy Maynord expressed he knows games are not won and lost on any one play. 

“Those guys are young and I’m sure they were nervous,” Maynord said. “It never really boils down to one play. There are other opportunities that we had in the game to win the game.”

The only way for them to get better at kicking is to continue to work on it, according to Maynord. 

“We have just got to spend more time with it,” Maynord said. “We have got to put a live rush over there. Maybe you put 13 or 14 people over there and bring them off the edges.”

Junior quarterback Stockton Owen started his first game for the Cavaliers Friday night, and piled up big numbers on the ground and through the air. All in all, Owen accounted for 364 yards of total offense. Cookeville complied a total of 411 yards against the Bees. 

“No doubt, he’s a tough kid and a heck of a competitor,” Maynord said. “He’s that dual-threat guy that’s going to make plays and we will just continue to use him in that capacity.”

Cookeville travels north this week to take on Livingston Academy. Just like Upperman, Livingston possesses a dynamic quarterback, although Will McDonald is a much different style of quarterback than the Cavaliers played last Friday. 

 “You obviously know (McDonald) is going to complete a lot of balls,” Maynord said. “We have to try and make sure we don’t give up anything over our head. We make them get back in the huddle and be patient.” 

Cookeville and Livingston kick off Friday night in Overton County at 7 p.m.

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